Best Network Management Tools & Software for 2023
Best Network Management Tools & Software for 2023

7 Best Network Management Tools & Software for 2023

The right network management tools can help you keep your data center running smoothly and efficiently. This list covers everything from alerting to troubleshooting, so choose the one that best fits your needs.

1. Solarwinds NPM

SolarWinds NPM is a network management tool that includes monitoring and performance-management capabilities. The product also monitors application performance and availability, as well as the health of databases, services and applications.

It’s easy to use, with a dashboard that shows status alerts for critical devices across your network. You can drill down into each device to see specific details on its configuration and activities.

NPM integrates with other SolarWinds products such as Orion NPM Essentials (which provides IT professionals with an intuitive interface for managing their networks) so you can set up alerts that notify team members when issues arise or when routine maintenance needs to occur on various devices connected to your network

2. Paessler PRTG

PRTG is a network monitoring tool that allows you to monitor your network and servers. PRTG is a web-based network monitoring tool, but it also has a server version for Windows and Linux. The free version of PRTG comes with 7 sensors and one remote probe, which can be expanded upon at additional cost.

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3. WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold is a network management tool that can help you monitor your entire infrastructure from end to end. It’s perfect for both small and large businesses, as well as service providers who need to keep tabs on multiple clients. WhatsUp Gold has a web interface and a command line interface so there are no limitations to how you want to use it. You can monitor SNMP, WMI, TCP/IP, and VMware with this tool.

4. Zabbix

Zabbix is an open source monitoring tool that can be used to monitor network, servers, applications and services. It has a web-based frontend and is available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and FreeBSD.

The tool uses the Zabbix agent that collects data from hosts on your network; this information is stored in a database that you can view through the Web interface.

Zabbix offers many different ways to get data into its system: SNMP monitoring agents (which support Windows monitors), performance counters on Windows systems, syslog messages from Unix systems or even simple text files containing information about what’s happening with your computer system.*

5. Nagios XI

Nagios XI is a network monitoring and alerting system. It is an enterprise-class network and application monitoring solution, which provides full alerting, active response and performance data collection capabilities.

Nagios XI includes a web interface that allows you to manage your entire IT infrastructure from one place. You can monitor availability, integrity and performance of your applications, devices and systems with Nagios XI using over 200 pre-built plug-ins or create custom ones using their powerful scripting language.


CA UIM (Unified Infrastructure Management) is a network management tool that provides real-time visibility into your entire data center. It integrates with many of the leading infrastructure and application management tools, including CA Technologies’ products, so you can manage all of your IT systems from one place.

CA UIM provides a unified view of all devices and applications on your network, making it easy for you to monitor performance, troubleshoot issues and identify problems before they affect users. The solution provides alerts and notifications when there are changes in system status or performance levels so that you can react quickly to avoid downtime or service disruptions.

It’s also scalable: You can start small with CA UIM Lite Edition, which includes only critical functions such as alerting; upgrade later if necessary; add additional licenses later if necessary–the choice is yours!

7. Netflow Analyzer

Netflow Analyzer is a network traffic analysis tool that allows you to monitor the packets on your network. Netflow Analyzer is useful for network troubleshooting, especially if you want to know who has connected to your system or how much data they have transferred. It provides comprehensive information about all the traffic going through your routers and helps you identify malicious behavior as well as usage patterns in order to optimize resource allocation and prevent bottlenecks from occurring.

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Netflow Analyzer is free, easy-to-use and available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems (other platforms might be supported). It can be used with small networks up to thousands of devices.


Finally, we have Netflow Analyzer. This is another monitoring tool that can be used for network management. We have seen from our discussion that there are many tools that can be used for this purpose. However, Netflow Analyzer is unique in its own way as it has a special feature of looking at the data packets on a network and making sense out of them by analyzing them in real time.

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