Social Media Management Tools
Social Media Management Tools

10 Best Social Media Management Tools for Businesses

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses. It’s an effective way to reach audiences where they are, and it requires very little investment. The problem is that many social media managers find managing multiple accounts across different platforms very time-consuming.

The good news is that there are tools that can help you keep your social media presence organized and up to date, so you can spend more time engaging with customers and less time running from one platform to another.

Once you have your social media accounts set up, you can use these tools to manage them. They’ll help save time by scheduling posts and tracking analytics, so that your social media presence is consistent and up-to-date.

Best Social Media Management Tools

It’s important to note that while these tools are great for businesses, they are not meant for marketing purposes. For instance, if a business wants to send out a promotional offer or coupon code via a social media post, they should use an app like Sendible or Hootsuite instead of Buffer or Later.

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1. Buffer

Buffer is one of the most popular social media management tools. It lets you schedule posts, track analytics and collaborate with other team members. You can even add a Buffer button to your browser so that it automatically posts updates while you browse the web.

  • Some of the key features offered by Buffer include:
  • Collaboration with other team members on scheduling content across several profiles (up to 10 users)
  • A Chrome extension that automatically publishes new updates from your queue when you open a new tab in your browser
  • The ability to share content directly from Twitter using an @mention or hashtag

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to manage multiple accounts from one dashboard. Hootsuite has a free plan that allows you to manage up to three social media accounts at one time.

If your business has more than three social media channels, or if you want to try out some of the other features offered by Hootsuite, it may be worth upgrading your plan.

3. MavSocial

MavSocial is a social media management tool that helps you manage multiple accounts across different platforms at once. The tool has a clean interface and is quite easy to use, no matter what level of social media experience you have.

The free version of MavSocial allows you to schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well as streamline your business’ marketing efforts by integrating with Google Analytics or Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It also comes with several templates for different types of posts, such as holidays or product launches. In addition, there are rules so that you can set up automatic replies based on what people say in the comment section below each post—for example: if someone asks about pricing information from your company’s website, then MavSocial will automatically reply with that info!

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a platform that lets you easily manage your social media accounts, track conversations and create reports. You get access to all of the major networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+) with the free version, which is a good deal considering some paid tools limit you to just one or two platforms.

The interface is easy to use and well organized: You can switch between accounts with just one click. If you’re managing several different brands or projects at once — say you have an agency that handles multiple clients — it’s helpful that each client has its own workspace within Sprout Social so everything stays separate as far as scheduling posts goes.

Sprout Social also includes features for measuring ROI on your marketing activities; for example it tracks how much time people spend reading your content versus where they land after clicking through from a post (i.e., whether they follow more links from there).

5. Sendible

Sendible is another social media management tool that offers a free version, allowing you to manage multiple accounts on multiple platforms. You can schedule posts and monitor comments, as well as track analytics. Additionally, the platform allows you to collaborate with your team through the use of groups and private messages.

Sendible also offers an unlimited number of connections that can be made between users within their account; this feature makes it easy for businesses to create relationships with other brands or individuals who share similar interests in order to help grow their audience reach on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

6. Later

Later is a social media management tool that packs a lot of punch into one simple app. With the ability to create and schedule posts, collaborate with teams, measure results and monitor social media activity, Later helps marketers stay on top of their game without losing their minds.

7. Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule your posts in advance. It can be used for multiple accounts, and it’s easy to use. You can also use it to find content that has performed well on other platforms, so you can re-share them on your own account or create similar content based off of those shared posts.

Meet Edgar allows you to schedule posts for different platforms at once, so if you are posting at different times during the day or night (like in my case), this makes scheduling much easier! If I’m writing a new blog post that goes live at 10am EST on Monday morning, I’ll upload it through Meet Edgar and then schedule a tweet announcing its release as well as Facebook updates later in the day once we’ve had time have time enough responses from our audience about their thoughts on our latest article just released onto the web.


IFTTT is a free service that connects different apps and devices. It’s easy to use, too: If you have an Instagram account, for example, you can create a recipe that automatically posts your photos on Twitter after you’ve posted them on Instagram. You can also set up recipes to save tweets as reminders in Google Calendar or send text messages when the weather changes in your area.

Since IFTTT connects with more than 300 popular apps and services—including Facebook, Evernote and Amazon Alexa—there are plenty of possibilities for automating tasks and connecting different services together in new ways.

If this sounds like something you could use for your business, go ahead and give it a try! Check out our full guide on how to set up recipes with IFTTT here

9. Planable

Planable is a social media management tool that allows you to manage multiple accounts from one single dashboard. It has a drag and drop interface which makes it easy to organize your social media content and schedule tasks. The App also has its own unique scheduling feature, where you can create posts for different networks at the exact same time.

10. Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a social media management tool that lets you manage your social media accounts from one place. It has a user-friendly interface and lets you schedule posts, monitor your brand mentions and get insights into your social media performance.

Using social media is a great way to attract new customers, but you need the right tools to effectively manage all of your accounts

Social media is a great way to reach new customers. But you need the right tools to effectively manage all of your social media accounts. These tools will help you stay organized, consistent, and up-to-date so that you can keep track of what works and what doesn’t across multiple channels while keeping customer expectations high.


If you’re looking for a social media management tool that can help your team manage multiple accounts, Buffer is one of the best options on the market. It offers a free trial and a number of useful features including analytics and scheduling posts from other networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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