Best Vulnerability Management Tools & Software
Best Vulnerability Management Tools & Software

9 Best Vulnerability Management Tools & Software

Vulnerability management is a critical part of maintaining an IT infrastructure. It’s important to know what vulnerabilities are present in your applications, operating systems and hardware. The best way to find out about these vulnerabilities is by using a vulnerability management tool. In this article we’ll go over some of the top vulnerability management tools that help you manage your network and systems.

1. OpenVAS

OpenVAS is a vulnerability scanner, and it’s open source. It’s also free, which means you don’t have to pay anything to use it as part of your vulnerability management toolkit. OpenVAS is a fork of Nessus, which means that it uses the same engine but has different user interfaces (UI). The UI used by OpenVAS is based on the Qt toolkit and has been designed with modern web browsers in mind—in this case, Firefox or Chrome.

OpenVAS has an active community and user base. This can help you find answers to problems quickly when you run into trouble using OpenVAS for scanning purposes or any other purpose related to IT security management workflows on your network or systems connected via the Internet—which includes servers hosting websites accessible from anywhere in the world!

2. Nessus

Nessus is a popular commercial vulnerability scanner that’s been around for decades. It offers a huge amount of flexibility and customization options, but also requires some technical knowledge to use effectively. Nessus has evolved over time, but it still retains the same basic functionality: it scans your network and identifies vulnerabilities you can fix. The new version of Nessus makes finding these issues easier than ever before by offering a cleaner interface, better performance, and advanced workflow automation capabilities.

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The licensing model is based around using credits—every scan costs one credit—and you’re able to purchase packages as needed or subscribe monthly/annually to get unlimited use of the software without paying per scan (or going into debt).

3. QualysGuard

A vulnerability management tool is a software application or cloud-based service that helps enterprises and governments identify and remediate vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure.

Vulnerability scanning is the process of searching for security flaws across an entire network, or even multiple networks. It can be done manually (running a script against each device), automatically (using software to scan hundreds or thousands of devices at once), or both ways.

QualysGuard is one popular choice for a vulnerability management tool, because it works with both small and large organizations alike, has an easy-to-use web interface, command line interface and API for developers to integrate into their own applications.

4. GFI LanGuard

GFI LanGuard is a comprehensive vulnerability management solution that provides continuous network monitoring, asset discovery, asset inventory and change auditing. GFI LanGuard is used by many large enterprises and government agencies around the world.

GFI LanGuard can be deployed across multiple networks at once to provide complete visibility into your entire IT infrastructure. The software also includes an advanced scheduling feature that allows you to automate scans for maximum efficiency.

Additionally, this product offers a web interface so that it can be accessed from anywhere on any device by users with appropriate permissions.

5. Rapid7 Nexpose

Nexpose is a commercial vulnerability management tool from Rapid7, which was acquired by IBM in 2017. It’s designed for enterprises that need to scan large numbers of devices and applications for vulnerabilities, but it can also be used for small businesses or organizations with fewer than 1,000 endpoints. If you’re looking for a vulnerability scanner that you can use to scan your entire network and identify vulnerabilities on your endpoints, Nexpose may be the right choice for you.

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Nexpose has a reputation as an enterprise security tool because it offers several capabilities beyond just scanning for vulnerabilities—it also helps users prioritize remediation efforts based on risk levels, track changes over time so they can see how well their security measures are working over time (or not), set up notifications when new vulnerabilities are discovered (to avoid getting blindsided by attacks), generate reports that show compliance status against industry standards like CIS benchmarks or NIST guidelines (or both), integrate with other tools like Splunk and Serena VShield Manager so everything is logged in one place…and more!

6. Nessus Cloud

Nessus Cloud is a cloud-based vulnerability management solution that you can use to connect with products and services from several different vendors. It’s available as a subscription-based service, although there is a free trial for users who want to test it out first. Nessus Cloud makes it easy for users to find vulnerabilities in their networks, applications and devices by providing them with real-time alerts when new threats are discovered on their systems.

7. Metasploitable VM

Metasploitable is a virtual machine that contains vulnerabilities that can be used for testing and training. It was created by Rapid7 and is an excellent tool for learning about security, penetration testing, and Linux in general. The Metasploitable VM comes with many known vulnerabilities that are present on top of a standard Ubuntu Linux installation.

  • The VM comes with the following software pre-installed:
  • Nessus vulnerability scanner (with plugins)
  • Nmap network scanner
  • OpenVAS vulnerability scanner (with plugins)

8. Core Impact Pro

Core Impact Pro is a commercial, enterprise-class penetration testing tool that allows you to assess vulnerabilities and risk. It has the capability to perform security assessments and tests of security controls. It can scan networks for potential weaknesses, allowing you to view the results in either table or chart format. You can also use Core Impact to perform “live” attacks against your own network using any operating system supported by the tool, including Windows Server 2003+.

9. Nexpose Community Edition

Nexpose Community Edition is free for non-commercial use and can be installed on Windows or Linux platforms. It provides vulnerability management in addition to patch management, configuration discovery and compliance reporting.

Compared to the paid version, this software doesn’t have all of the features such as vulnerability analysis, configuration compliance reporting or remediation actions. However, it may still be a good starting point for companies who are new to vulnerability management that want something simple yet powerful enough to get started with their processes.


The vulnerability management tools listed above have been tested and proven to work. They provide the best overall value for your business.

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